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Dance in VENAKEY

What is venakey?
What to expect from venakey?
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Venakey is art and exercises based on breathing methods and spiritual dances, also physical and mental exercises and self-knowledge courses for discovering human hidden powers. 

Venakey is a method which is originated from the ancient times. This method has been taught and developed academically since 1989 by the grand Master for the first time in modern times.  

For students who desire to improve their health quality, some techniques are taught which help them dominating their physiology more easily and lead their bodies and minds to health and tolerance. These techniques are included three major parts:

  1. Sub-conscious related techniques which are similar to hypnotism but not exactly the same.

  2. Physical techniques such as breathing and specific forms of exercise.

  3. Mental techniques which are similar to meditation and concentration exercises but in a very special and unique manner.

Venakey, traveling in amazing world of magicians and ancient masters.

Venakey a way to hidden powers of human’s inside.

Thousand years experience of ancient masters and 23 years of Master's   practical experience illustrates that this method leads to the following results:

  Physical effects:

  1. Enhancing the body Immune system and resistance to diseases. 

  2. Impressive improving of memory and learning skills

  3. Resolving many diseases like digestive diseases, Allergy, Muscular pains, obesity, insomnia, migraine, and many other physical illnesses.

  4. Improving the physical power and stamina for athletes and elders, enhancing the level of alertness and as a result increasing creativity and intelligence.

  5. Eliminating cramps and muscular pains caused by intense physical activities.

  6. Increasing happiness, energy, physical and mental spirit.

  7. The best replacement for sleep when awareness is needed.

 Spiritual and mental effects:



  • Enhancing the level of mental resistance that causes the person to be more tolerant against social, environmental and familial adversities and act more effectively and accurately.   

  • Renovation of individual’s attitude to himself and his environment which results in better understanding of people and improving their relationship. 

  • Dominance of happiness, hope and vitality over the agents and also the society.