Human is the only creature that has bilateral brain, it means that the relation between his reptile brain and the cortex is bilateral, meaning that the mind of human has this capability to control his old brain and replace the voluntary behaviors with instinctive behaviors. This recursive connection is the reason for the effect of thought and mind on body and it’s the reason for human to have Hypnotic susceptibility in comparison with other creatures. Human by using these bilateral circuits can change the predetermined programs of his reptile and limbic brain and control his totality.

In Venakey hypnotherapy sessions by using magic techniques that are the product of thousands years of Venakey masters experience, a condition has been provided to create your desires in the form of thinking in your body.

Health, happiness, rejuvenation of skin, improving memory and intelligence, obviating diseases are the results of these sessions. Enjoyable, dreamy and unbelievable experience.

Venakey Hypnotherapy

Venakey, a way to hidden powers of human’s inside

Venakey, A way to health, happiness and youth