Frequently asked questions about venakey




What is the defference between energy therapy and energy treatments in venakey?


-Energy therapy sessions are aiming special disorders in patient and healer will focus on a clear

subject. In Energy therapy session patient should explain his/her problem clearly in consultation

and would expect effects on that special area.


- Energy treatment sessions are for overall energy balance and maintenance. In these sessions

healer will focus on balancing energy fields and cleaning aura spots in patient which will result in

overall health, Freshness and vibrancy of patient.



What happens when I pay for apointment online?


- When you pay online for any of services you should call or attend office to confirm and schedule

your session. Appointment would not be final without this confirmation.



What if I dont feel any result from therapy and treatment sessions?

Should I pay for the first testing session?


- For energy therapy sessions, patient will only pay for first session and next sessions fee will be

paid after completion of healing period and would be with confirmation of patient.



Is it possible to be cured in the first session?


- Energy sessions effectiveness depends on many factors such as patient talents, rate and type

of disorder but history shows certain effects of healing sessions in all patients with different

rates and even one session healings of many patient with different types of disorders shows

effectiveness of these sessions.



Can I pay for sessions in the office too?


- It is possible to pay for classes in local office by cash or different types of debit or credit cards.



Do you have any branches in other cities?


- We have events in other cities and state all over the year and our local main office is located in

West Hartford, CT.



How long does it take to be able to cure and heal others?


- Usually after taking first level of Venakey energy healing classes students will get familiar

with basics and most theory fields of energy healing and through practices done by students

in sessions and at home healers will be able of feeling energy and control it as a healer and

transferring it to others.



Do you offer a licence from the venakey master after the courses end?


- All Venakey courses’ student will receive license of that field in completion of classes.



What methods do you use for your hypnotherapy sessions?


- Venakey hypnotherapy mostly includes breathing methods, meditations and relaxing

suggestions guided by healer for special effects.



Do you have hypnotheraphy courses too?


- We have hypnotherapy sessions that healer will work on special subjects and overall health of

patient and in near future we will have hypnotherapy courses in Venakey center too.



How many sessions should be in a week?


- There would be 2 sessions per week for all teaching base classes of Venakey spiritual dance,

energy healing and Aura seeing. Healing and treatment sessions need appointment which

depend on case number of session would vary.



Who does the therapy sessions in venakey?


- All Venakey energy therapy sessions will be done by full master of Venakey.



Are there any books or tutorials in stores or online about venakey breathing methods?


- There couples of books about Venakey and related issues which can be bought and downloaded

from website or in local office.



If you have any unanswered question Don't hesitate to ask us by email or call us using provided contacts.