Venakey Aura Sight


From Venakey point of view human is the creature with the essence of energy that in addition to his physical body he has also a body from energy. This mold of energy has surrounded human in the form of luminous ball that is called Aura. There are two types of auras: an aura that can be seen by eye practicing and an aura which cannot be seen by eye practicing and for seeing it, the human is required to be flawless and perfect.

Aura is like a magnetic field that has captured the material particles and formed our body. Therefore any insufficiency in the function of this luminous cocoon causes different types of diseases and insufficiency. For this reason by the aura of each person we can find the thoughts, character and his physical and mental health. The eyes of human are able to see the second type of aura by practice.










In these classes we not only teach you seeing auras and its interpretation but also we teach you different methods of making this aura healthy and how to make it more energetic and brighter and how to obviate its dark points with less energy which cause abnormality in your life. Many people who care about their health once in month or at least every three month clean and reinforce their aura by Venakey methods.

Moreover by cleaning the aura and reinforcing it we prevent the negative effects of non-organic creatures.

In ancient ages great masters and even magicians discovered the mysteries of human by staring at aura and seeing it. Venakey method remained from old ages is a way to see auras and interpret or analyze the auras around body and make changes in them. 











Venakey, a way to hidden powers of human’s inside.

Venakey,  traveling in amazing world of magicians and ancient masters.