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Throughout the history, the human being has always encountered mysteries without any explanation which permanently irritates him. There has been all the time an inner voice shouting from an unknown part inside: “you have to find out the answer….”. Thus in every period of history ,by utilizing what he knows at the time, human has tried to find out an answer in order to be released from the inside pressure. However, since the answers of different nations to these questions were not the same, they have been always involved in an undesirable interminable war. A war which was not mainly for the sake of the truth but rather for sustaining the relief obtained by their so called answers via physical elimination of opponents; just to get rid of their inside torture of unknown.

One of the enigmas that human has been involved in from prehistory hitherto, is the mysteries around sleeping and awareness. For example there were people who could dream about an event happening in the future; or as their body was in sleep, they started walking or talking; or sometimes they could see their own sleeping bodies from the above.

These types of events were the origin of forming the beliefs which gradually expanded and made schools, philosophies and faiths. Venakey, which means “entering to lightening” is among these schools of thought and philosophies which has its root in human’s curiosities and beliefs originated from prehistory. This school of thought is not based on the beliefs of just one nation but relied on all preliminary faiths of human kind.  Conversely, it can be said that most of methods and beliefs are typically a branch of Venakey.

What is VENAKEY ?

What is VENAKEY ?


The basis of this thought has its root in contemplation of ancient masters in the natural processes of sleeping. They observed that human sleeping has formed of three major stages: somatic (bodily), sensual and spiritual. The first stage is named somatic sleep that occurs early at night. In order to become calm and motionless, creature's body begins to be calmed down gradually until its excitation due to external stimuli and daily activities stops completely; like an electrical fan, which continues rotating after being turned off and slowly becomes motionless.

In this stage people mostly dream their daily activities and after that according tothe ancient masters, they become suddenly awake which appears in the form of movement of sleeping person and then  they enter into a deeper sleep stage; sensual stage. In this stage, subconscious mind starts resolving difficulties; it means that it reconstructs the obsessions, failed desires, fears and failures again in a new form and try to resolve and compensate them on the way the sleeping person desires. For instance, if he is defeated in a quarrel and be injured physically or hurt mentally during the day, he might dream a battle in which he is victorious over his opponent.


 After the sensual stage, dreamer enters into the third stage; spiritual one. By relaxation of body and also omission of inner turbulences, human mind gains the opportunity to perceive tiny intangible stimuli through hidden senses and unique perceptive channels by which he can dream very close to reality. This part of dream is influenced by sub-conscious mind and telepathic communication with surrounding. During this stage of sleep, the brain is more activated and its metabolism may increase up to 20%, in such a way that brain waves become similar to those of wakefulness; surprisingly this is a contradictory phenomenon in which although the person is asleep but the brain is in a awaken alike activity.


Being is like an ocean of energy and we are like pieces of ice in it, we are its continuance and it is ours

That’s why, along the history, some great eastern masters decided to use sleeping for gaining knowledge and discovering the very existing universe through connecting to sub-conscious mind and telepathy waves. By these methods, they were not only able to be aware of future and past hidden events but also it turn possible for them to communicate with creatures such as plants, animals and non-organic beings. Therefore, they decided to set up some methods in order to attain spiritual dreaming (the third level of dream) in normal wakefulness. They knew that for attaining this level, bodily excitations and mind anxiety must reach to its minimum level.  


Moreover, internal dialogue must be completely extinguished; internal dialogue (talking internally to yourself) is a kind of talking by which people continuously review past, present and future of themselves and others; but mistakenly call it'' thinking'', whereas these dialogues are too scattered, inconsistent, irrelevant, sickening and chaotic to be called thought; which no logical relation can be found among them. This internal dialogue scatters mental power and decreasesawareness level as well as consuming a considerable amount of body’s energy; and finally it  disconnects the main attention of human being from environmental stimuli.

Accordingly, they divided their methods and trainings (Venakey) into two parts. At First part, they used methods to extinguish internal dialogue compulsorily by deceiving mind, and conduct body to its most relaxing possible state, by which mind and body become relaxed and go deep into a sleeping similar sate.  By this way, they could pass the conscious from somatic sleep stage in wakefulness. The second part of their training was designed for passing sensual sleep, regarding to the fact that sensual sleep is originated from mental excitations, which is imposed on human by environment or inner instincts; it was somewhat complicated, since the rate of domination on it was related to the rate of awareness and knowledge of human being mind.   

Ancient masters also recognized that human beings are unable to act merely based on their own knowledge. Hence they tried to made use of three special sensations fear, pleasure and love to instigate their followers to do their instructions seriously, since they found out that these three factors are the main motives of human kind.  This is the fear of unknown which makes human beings fanatical. This is the greed of gaining more pleasure in the afterworld, which attracts people to do recommended religious percepts; and finally, this is through love which tolerating pains and shortcomings turns possible.  At first stages, some masters proposed monastic life and staying away from any sensual excitations via establishing temples or seeking caves in faraway places trying to purge this stage of dream by which they could attain some good achievements.  Later, these schools of thought succeeded in exploring special remedial methods, via telepathic communication with plants and animals, including acupuncture, cupping (bleed by cupping) and herbal-therapy. By attaining special abilities in being connected to other creatures, they acquired more knowledge about the human being totality, the existing universe and truth which formed tenets of their philosophy. Ancient masters found out that independent of one’s beliefs and thoughts and lifestyles, these methods can work. That is even without caring about complicated questions such as: where is our origin? What is our destiny? how has our childhood been passed and with whichdifficulties or how social beliefs influences (positively or negatively) our beliefs, we can still make a successful, calm, healthy , attractive, wise and powerful, positive and full of joy ones out of ourselves. We are still capable of being a novel human with versified personalities. Thus, they engaged in designing and training methods, which could help human beings to reach these goals.

Venakey is a method which is originated from the ancient times. This method has been taught and developed academically since 1989 by grand Master for the first time in modern times.  Making this method worldwide, Master has decided to proliferate it in USA. 


This method consists of two parts:  Theoretical and Practical





In this part, the knowledge of ancient masters is taught by applying the latest physical, scientific and physiological findings to the students in order to change their viewpoint to negative environmental and sensorial stimulus and enhance their positive feelings in result. Consequently, their resistance and mental happiness will be improved.

majority of people have minimum level of control on their negative physical and mental excitations and as a result physiological demands usually dominate their logical ones. Thus, for students who desire to improve their health quality, some techniques are taught which help them dominating their physiology more easily and lead their bodies and minds to health and tolerance. 

These techniques are included three major parts:


1.Sub-conscious related techniques which are similar to hypnotism but not exactly the same.

2.Bodily techniques such as breathing and specific forms of exercise.

3.Mental techniques which are similar to meditation and concentration exercises but in a very special and unique manner.




Thousand years experience of ancient masters and 23 years of Master practical experience illustrates that this method leads to the following results:


Physical effects:


  1. Enhancing the body Immune system and resistance to diseases. 

  2. Impressive improving of memory and learning skills

  3. Resolving many diseases like digestive diseases, Allergy, Muscular pains, obesity, insomnia, migraine, and many other physical illnesses.

  4. Improving the physical power and stamina for athletes and elders, enhancing the level of alertness and as a result increasing creativity and intelligence.

  5. Eliminating cramps and muscular pains caused by intense physical activities.

  6. Increasing happiness, energy, physical and mental spirit.

  7. The best replacement for sleep when awareness is needed.


 Spiritual and mental effects:

  1. Enhancing the level of mental resistance that causes the person to be more tolerant against social, environmental and familial adversities and act more effectively and accurately.   

  2. Renovation of individual’s attitude to himself and his environment which results in better understanding of people and improving their relationship. 

  3. Dominance of happiness, hope and vitality over the agents and also the society.